ChristLife's Equip Conference

June 19-21 2024
Ellicott City, Maryland

Revive your parish community using a practical and proven method of evangelization.

Are you looking for a practical and proven process to help people encounter the Lord and grow as His disciples?

Would you like to empower the people in your parishes and communities to live out their call to be missionary disciples?

The ChristLife evangelization process is a proven method of igniting the new evangelization by providing a relational context to begin to make missionary disciples at the parish level. 

ChristLife's Equip Conference is for pastors, parish staff, and laity who are eager to transform their parishes and communities with the power of the Gospel.

Learn practical and proven ways to:

Implement the ChristLife Process

Learn the various elements of the ChristLife process including understanding the course teachings, running a small group, leading worship, and praying with others.

Equip Your ChristLife Team

Build your team and bring them to experience the training conference together. Leaders will share various tips and tricks to organize, train, and inspire your team members.

Enhance the ChristLife Process

Enhance your existing ChristLife process to draw new people to Christ. Learn from pioneers who are implementing and growing the ChristLife process in their parishes and communities.

Who is this conference for?

ChristLife's Equip Conference will provide the core, comprehensive training for running the entire ChristLife process in your parish.

Parishes New to ChristLife

This conference will give your parish team the vision, tools, and training necessary to begin offering ChristLife at your parish and sustain it as an ongoing process for evangelization and discipleship.

New Team Members at Experienced ChristLife Parishes

This back-to-basics training will refresh foundational concepts that are key to the fruitfulness of the ChristLife courses for experienced practitioners, as well as provide an opportunity to raise up new leaders who can carry the baton of evangelization forward.

 “With great joy, I recommend ChristLife to parishes and dioceses looking to respond to the church’s urgent call to a new evangelization."

-Archbishop William Lori of Baltimore