Missionary Disciple

Missionary Disciple Track

Be inspired to continue running the ChristLife Process and strengthened personally as missionary disciples.

Have you received training in the full ChristLife evangelization process? This track is for those who are currently using the ChristLife process and explores topics that build a culture of evangelization and missionary discipleship.

Track Sessions


I Have Called You Friends
Speaker: Dave Nodar

The invitation to friendship with God is central to the Gospel message and the ChristLife Process. "God, out of the abundance of His love, speaks to men as friends" (Dei Verbum, 2). This session will uncover the profound love and mercy of God's invitation to friendship, and will explore how we as Catholic evangelizers and parishes can practically help others to truly become friends of God.

A New Pentecost for a New Evangelization
Speaker: Dr. Mary Healy

Scripture and Church teaching clearly tell us about the necessity of the power of the Holy Spirit for all evangelization. This session will explore what lessons we can learn about evangelization from the role of the Holy Spirit in Jesus' public life and the life and mission of the early Church. The session invites all to rediscover "the beauty of being baptized in the Holy Spirit" (Pope Benedict XVI) and presents a simple prayer model central to the Discovering Christ course experience.

Coming Home to the Father
Speaker: Neal Lozano

Central to Jesus' message is that God is above all a Father who loves you. When we walk in our identity as a beloved son or daughter of God, we live life "to the full" (John 10:10). This session will help you discover the Good News of this message and help you uncover the lies that have kept you from Him and from His mercy.

How to Attract (More) Guests
Speaker: Pete Ascosi

Foundational to the ChristLife process is the personal and parish invitation. Drawing upon ChristLife's experience working with parishes around the country and overseas, this session will answer questions like: What are the best methods to invite people to Discovering Christ? How do we develop a culture of invitation on our team and in our parish? How do we reach beyond the parish walls to our neighborhoods? What works and what doesn't? This session will encourage you to be bold and creative in making the invite - one that has the power to change someone's life.

Eucharistic Adoration Healing Service
Fr. Erik Arnold and Dr. Mary Healy

During Eucharistic Adoration there will be an opportunity for praise and worship and Dr. Mary Healy will lead us in a time of healing prayer.


Workshop Sessions
Subject to change.

Lessons Learned Running ChristLife Over the Years
How can ChristLife truly be the engine that drives conversion and renewal at the parish level? From Maryland to Mississippi to Pennsylvania hear key lessons ChristLife practitioners are learning over the years as they repeat the ChristLife Process. In this session you will be inspired by testimonies of how God is working and find new and creative ways to make missionary disciples in your parish.

Attracting Young Adults to Christ and the Church Workshop
How can we use ChristLife to evangelize young adults and engage them in the mission of the Church? In this workshop you will hear from ChristLife practitioners who are engaging young adults at the parish, regional, and diocesan level. Be inspired by the testimony of young adults whose lives are changing through ChristLife and find creative ways to engage young adults in your own parish or ministry.

Using ChristLife in Sacramental Prep and for Religious Education Parents Workshop
From RCIA to Confirmation to Marriage, parish leaders are exploring ways to integrate ChristLife into sacramental prep. Others are creatively reaching out to parents and offering Discovering Christ during religious education classes. In this session you will hear from their experience and discover fresh inspiration for the work of parish evangelization.

Running ChristLife for Spanish Speakers Workshop
While Discovering Christ is currently the only course fully translated into Spanish, by using live speakers a number of parishes have used the full ChristLife evangelization process fruitfully in both bilingual and fully Spanish-speaking parish contexts. Come and hear their experience, exchange ideas and resources, and gain insight from the unique opportunities and challenges present to evangelizing Hispanic Catholics through the ChristLife process.

Clergy Workshop
Priests and deacons are invited to this workshop to discuss the ChristLife evangelization process from the unique perspective of ordained ministers in the Church. The facilitators will be sharing about the transformation that ChristLife has brought to their parishes.

An Introduction to Unbound Ministry
Unbound Ministry is an approach to deliverance and healing prayer developed by Neal Lozano. Because many of the principles of Unbound are integral to the ChristLife evangelization process, we wanted to provide the Missionary Disciple track with further training in this area. In this session you will learn more about the Unbound prayer model and how to respond to the truth in our lives by using five basic responses called the Five Keys: Repentance and Faith, Forgiveness, Renunciation, Authority, the Father’s Blessing.

Healing in Our Mission
Scripture tells us that signs and wonders will accompany the proclamation of the Gospel. Does this still happen in the 21st century? Is this only for the Saints? During this session Dr. Mary Healy will share modern day stories of miracles and speak about how the Lord desires to work powerfully through each one of us. 

Evangelizing in Our Everyday Lives
The Lord desires that we are available anytime and anywhere for the mission of evangelization. This session will help you grow in everyday evangelism. Drawing from her passion and experience as a Catholic evangelist, you will learn how to grow in your willingness to share the Gospel with all you meet, and discover practical steps you can take to reach the people God is placing in your path.

The Primacy of Grace
The Lord Jesus tells us in the Gospel “Come follow me, and I will make you fishers of men” (Matthew 4:18-22). The call to be a missionary disciple is completely the Lord’s initiative. This final session will help you rediscover the primacy of God’s grace in your personal life and in the ministry God has called you to.