Going Deeper

Going Deeper Track

Be inspired and renewed personally as missionary disciples.

Have you received training in the ChristLife evangelization process? Be inspired to grow the ChristLife process and be spiritually renewed through topics that build a culture of evangelization and missionary discipleship.

Track Sessions


Beyond the Rhetoric: What Will it Take to Make Missionary Disciples?
by Dave Nodar
There is a lot of talk in the Church today about being “missionary disciples.” However, like “new evangelization,” the term is often thrown around as a slogan or vague theological concept, with little to no practical ramifications in how we act or do ministry at the parish level . In this keynote Dave Nodar will provide a roadmap for incarnating the call to make missionary disciples in our parishes.

There Can Be No Evangelization Without The Holy Spirit
by Fr. Dale Picarella
In his apostolic exhortation On Evangelization in the Modern World, Pope St. Paul VI wrote “There can be no evangelization without the Holy Spirit.” In this keynote address, Fr. Dale Picarella will give us a fresh look at who the Holy Spirit is, and how we can be filled with Him - bringing about renewal in our personal lives, and in our ministries as parish leaders.  

The Mission, in Light of the Times We are Living In
by Andrew Comiskey
Jesus urged his disciples to be “awake” to the signs of the times. In recent years we’ve witnessed rapid, public acceptance of lifestyles and behaviors that are opposite of Jesus’ message in the Gospel. Drawing on his experience working with the relationally and sexually broken through Desert Stream Ministries, Andrew Comiskey will share his own testimony and pastoral experience, helping us better fulfill the mission of evangelization as individuals and parishes.

The Key to Fruitfulness: Growing in the Personal and Parish Invitation
by Dianne Davis
As Catholic parishes we long to reach those on the margins of the Christian life, lapsed Catholics, and the unbaptized. Key to reaching these populations in our parishes and communities is the personal and parish invitation. This keynote will give fresh inspiration for evangelizing, and provide practical ways you and your parish can reach more people through personal invitations to the Discovering Christ course.

Workshop Sessions

Building a Comprehensive Parish Strategy based on ChristLife
by Fr. Erik Arnold
As Pastor of Our Lady of Perpetual Help for 12 years, Fr. Erik Arnold, has not only run the ChristLife courses each year, but has built a comprehensive pastoral strategy based on the ChristLife process. This sessions will unpack his experience and share practical lessons he is learning to renew his parish for evangelization.

Let the Word of Christ Dwell in you Richly
by Dave Nodar
One of the most important spiritual practices that ChristLife Founder and Director, Dave Nodar has found is daily Scripture reading and memorization. In this session he will provide encouragement in how to grow in your personal love for Scripture and instruction in how to let the Word of God overflow in your life, blessing others.

Parish Practitioners Panel
by ChristLife Parish Leaders
This panel will feature the stories of several parishes of different sizes and backgrounds that have been running the ChristLife evangelization process for a number of years. Panelists will share testimonies of life change, and offer insight into what has worked well and what hasn’t. This session will also include a time of Q&A.

The Importance of Spiritual Friendships
by Dave Nodar
To grow in the spiritual life, St. Francis De Sales encourages Christians to foster spiritual friendships. This session will unpack why spiritual friendships are so important, and how to cultivate them during and beyond the ChristLife courses.

Let the Children Come to Me
by Ally Ascosi
In Deuteronomy 6 the Lord gives the people of God a sacred command to pass wholehearted love for God along to the next generation. Ally Ascosi—a ChristLife speaker, wife, and mother of four—will share practical ways she is being inspired by the ChristLife process to pass the faith on to her own children, as well as to children in her parish and broader community.

Developing and Growing Prayer and Worship in the ChristLife Courses
by John Messina
The aim of the ChristLife courses is not only to pass on information about the Catholic faith, but to lead course participants into personal relationship with the Holy Trinity. To this end a key aspect of each ChristLife session is the time of prayer and worship together as a large group. In this session John Messina will share ways to further develop these times of prayer and worship, as well as address common challenges that many parishes face in this area.

How to Be An Effective Disciple Maker in the ChristLife Courses
by ChristLife Parish Leaders
Our calling as Christians is to be disciples, who in turn make disciples. The ChristLife evangelization process provides a context where we can model what it means to be a disciple. In this session you will learn why discipleship is more often caught than taught and how in whatever role that you have on the ChristLife team you can help others become disciples of the Lord Jesus.

Becoming Good News
by Andrew Comiskey
As we lead people to Christ and to becoming a disciple of Jesus in the ChristLife courses, we will encounter people who are broken, on many levels. In this workshop Andrew Comiskey will discuss how we love those who are sexually broken. Through others’ disintegration, Jesus invites us into a more truthful, merciful Gospel. Discover deeper conversion and keys for healthy accompaniment and evangelization.

Breakout Sessions for Specific Groups

Clergy Meeting
by Fr. Erik Arnold
This session provides a chance for priests and deacons to discuss the unique challenges and blessings faced in running the ChristLife evangelization process at the parish level.

Evangelizing in the Hispanic Community
by ChristLife Parish Leaders
This session is for conference attendees who are currently involved in or interested in using the ChristLife process to evangelize and form missionary disciples in the Hispanic community.

Evangelizing Young Adults
by Jennifer King and James Lohrmann
This session is for conference attendees who are young adults (ages 18-35) and want to learn how to effectively reach young adults through the ChristLife process.