Core Training

Core Training

Be equipped to run the ChristLife process from beginning to end.

Are you new to ChristLife and need training in Discovering Christ, Following Christ, and Sharing Christ? This track provides complete training in how to fruitfully run the entire ChristLife process with your parish or ministry.

Track Sessions



I Have Called You Friends
Speaker: Dave Nodar

The invitation to friendship with God is central to the Gospel message and the ChristLife Process. "God, out of the abundance of His love, speaks to men as friends" (Dei Verbum, 2). This session will uncover the profound love and mercy of God's invitation to friendship, and will explore how we as Catholic evangelizers and parishes can practically help others to truly become friends of God.

A New Pentecost for a New Evangelization
Speaker: Dr. Mary Healy

Scripture and Church teaching clearly tell us about the necessity of the power of the Holy Spirit for all evangelization. This session will explore what lessons we can learn about evangelization from the role of the Holy Spirit in Jesus' public life and the life and mission of the early Church. The session invites all to rediscover "the beauty of being baptized in the Holy Spirit" (Pope Benedict XVI) and presents a simple prayer model central to the Discovering Christ course experience.

Coming Home to the Father
Speaker: Neal Lozano

Central to Jesus' message is that God is above all a Father who loves you. When we walk in our identity as a beloved son or daughter of God, we live life "to the full" (John 10:10). This session will help you discover the Good News of this message and help you uncover the lies that have kept you from Him and from His mercy.

How to Attract (More) Guests
Speaker: Pete Ascosi

Foundational to the ChristLife process is the personal and parish invitation. Drawing upon ChristLife's experience working with parishes around the country and overseas, this session will answer questions like: What are the best methods to invite people to Discovering Christ? How do we develop a culture of invitation on our team and in our parish? How do we reach beyond the parish walls to our neighborhoods? What works and what doesn't? This session will encourage you to be bold and creative in making the invite - one that has the power to change someone's life.

Eucharistic Adoration Healing Service
Fr. Erik Arnold and Dr. Mary Healy

During Eucharistic Adoration there will be an opportunity for praise and worship and Dr. Mary Healy will lead us in a time of healing prayer.


Training Sessions
Subject to change.

What is Discovering Christ and Why Does it Work?
Drawing from his experience running the ChristLife evangelization process for nearly 10 years, Fr. Michael will give an overview of the theology, topics, and course dynamics that make Discovering Christ course so effective.

Preparing to Run a Fruitful Course
This session provides a complete overview of all the planning steps required to run a fruitful Discovering Christ course. From recruiting and training a team to making dinners on a budget to a understanding a do-able planning timeline, this session is essential for parish team members responsible for the administrative and hospitality dimensions of the Discovering Christ course.

Facilitating an Evangelizing Small Group
Small groups are central to the Discovering Christ experiences. Guests eat dinners in small groups, listen to the talk in small groups, and discuss the presentation as a small group. This session will teach you how to facilitate an evangelizing small group, as distinct from a bible study or catechetical small group.

Discovering Christ Practicum
Welcome to your first Discovering Christ small group! This session will move your knowledge of the Discovering Christ course from information to experience.  You will meet new people, listen to the first presentation: "What is the Meaning of Life?" together, and discuss its relevance to your personal life.

Running the Retreat and Final Sessions
The retreat in Discovering Christ is the summit of the course experience for many attendees. We see many people commiting their lives to Christ in a profound way during the prayer ministry session and many returning to the sacrament of Reconciliation after many years. This session walks through how to plan and facilitate the retreat and the final two sessions of the course.

Prayer and Worship in the ChristLife Process
Prayer and worship are important in all three of the ChristLife courses. This session will teach a simple and heartfelt method of prayer used in the ChristLife courses called conversational prayer. The session will also provide an overview of the time of song and worship that begins every course session. It will explore topics such as how to facilitate prayer and worship in an evangelizing environment, what songs to pick, and how to find a good worship leader.

Following Christ: A Catechesis in Discipleship
The Following Christ course is unlike many adult faith formation programs because of its approach to helping participants develop a lifestyle of Catholic discipleship. In this session Fr. Arnold will explain why a catechesis in discipleship is sorely needed in the Catholic Church and how the Following Christ course has helped tens of thousands of Catholics in the last several years begin living for Christ in their daily lives.

Following Christ: Diving Deeper
From his experience running numerous Following Christ courses, Pete will walk through the course content, helping you understand the goal of each topic presented in the course. The session will help you practically plan for the course and 1-day retreat through a look at evening and retreat schedules,  and other unique dynamics that make the Following Christ course fruitful.

Forgiveness Prayer Practicum
One of the most powerful sessions in the Following Christ course is "Forgiving One Another." In this session Dianne will provide an overview of the talk and model the Forgiveness prayer time that follows the talk, equipping you to lead this prayer time in your own parish.

Spirit-Empowered Life Prayer Practicum
Scripture and the lives of the Saints bear witness to the importance of the power of the Holy Spirit in progressing in our discipleship and union with God. This session will overview the fifth talk of the Following Christ course and model the prayer time that follows the talk, equipping you to lead this prayer time in your own parish.

Renunciation Prayer Practicum
One of the high points for many Following Christ course participants is during the retreat where they identify and renounce the specific lies they have believed about God, themselves, and others. This session will overview the "The Devil" talk from the Following Christ course and model the Renunciation prayer time that follows the talk, equipping you to lead this prayer time in your parish. 

Sharing Christ: Overview and Dynamics
The Sharing Christ course is the "capstone" of the ChristLife evangelization process. Through seven inspiring and eminently practical sessions this course equips Catholics to evangelize in their everyday lives. During this session you will receive an overview of the theology, course dynamics, topics, and practical dimensions of the Sharing Christ course.

Sharing Christ Practicum
Welcome to your first Sharing Christ small group! This session will move your knowledge of the Sharing Christ course from information to experience.  At your table you will meet new people, listen to the final presentation: "Put Out Into the Deep for a Catch" together, and participate in a special activity called "Cardboard Testimonies."

Sustaining ChristLife as an Ongoing Evangelizing Process
Drawing on their combined experience of running ChristLife for over 25 years at the Parish level, the speakers will help you understand how to establish the ChristLife evangelization process as an on-going process for evangelization and adult faith formation at your parish. Hear best practices in making ChristLife the core curriculum for evangelization at your parish.