About the Conference

The ChristLife National Training Conference is an opportunity to be equipped to implement the ChristLife process, get connected with Catholic leaders, and be spiritually inspired for the work of evangelization.

Learn about and experience the unique dynamics of ChristLife with a vibrant community of priests, parish staff, and lay people eager to transform their parishes and communities with the power of the Gospel. At the conference, you will experience the unique dynamics that make ChristLife a fruitful evangelization process used by parishes throughout the country.


Learn practical and proven ways to:


Implement the ChristLife Process

Implement new evangelization and begin the process of empowering missionary disciples in your parish using the ChristLife process. Learn the various elements of the process including running a small group, leading worship, and praying with others.


Build Your ChristLife Team

Build up your team and take home the things you learned at the conference. Learn various tips and tricks to organize, train, and inspire your team members.


Enhance the ChristLife Process

Enhance your existing ChristLife process to draw new people to Christ. Learn from people who have implemented and are growing the ChristLife process in their parishes and communities.